all-electric SOLAR-POWERED

technology results in energy independence while living in comfort and style

balanced power SOLAR + NATURAL GAS

energy efficient appliances & advanced green building techniques

all-inclusive GREEN KEY

Incredible savings which means more green in your wallet

Green choices, smart savings.


City Ventures builds energy-efficient homes good for a green earth and a green wallet. Advanced energy-efficient appliances and other innovations allow these sustainable homes to significantly reduce your utility bills. These are the most energy-efficient new homes on the market, and their technologies come standard in all City Ventures Green Key homes: there is no extra fee to achieve low energy use.

They reduce your impact on the environment while allowing you to live in comfort and style. Not only does your new Green Key home provide healthy, clean air through advanced airflow systems and use of non-toxic materials, but your home is strategically located within a neighborhood designed to promote health and wellness by putting you closer to everything you love. This means less driving, less stress and pedestrian-friendly access to key neighborhood resources.

all-inclusive GREEN KEY

  • All-inclusive, no extra cost
  • Close to everything you love, designed for less driving, less stress and cleaner air
  • High-performance energy efficient appliances & materials
  • High-efficiency Lighting means 15% more energy savings
  • Dual-glazes windows with ultra-violet coating
  • Water-wise, water efficient
  • Compatible with your technology needs and toys
  • Solar heat gain coefficient resistant screens
  • High solar reflective index roofing materials
  • Structurally designed lumber saving beam and header systems
  • And much more!
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all-electric SOLAR-POWER

  • All benefits of Green Key included (see left column)
  • Advanced technology powers everything in your new smart home
  • Eliminates your gas bill
  • Reduces electric bill by as much as 80%
  • Energy independence while living in comfort and style
  • Exceeds 15% energy efficient of state required minimum
  • Pre-wire ready for electric vehicle charger
  • And much more!
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balanced power SOLAR + GAS

  • All benefits of Green Key included (see left column)
  • Includes benefits of Solar technology
  • Balanced power provides advanced solar energy efficiency and the convenience of natural gas power
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