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Green Builders Journal

by Herb Gardner, President

Water Effeciency – An Interesting Aspect of the “Green” Movement

I find water efficiency one of the more interesting aspects of the “green” movement. First, unlike coal, natural gas or most other natural resources, the supply of water is actually unlimited. And it keeps getting made every day. Second, and probably most important, we actually NEED the stuff to survive.

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Exciting New Happenings At City Ventures!

1. We sold our 900th home last week in the 58 months we’ve been in business
2. We closed our 750th home last week in the 58 months we’ve been in business
3. The other 150 buyers in backlog are waiting for their home to complete in the next few weeks.
4. Next month Covina will become the 15th community to close out
5. There are 25 communities delivering homes in 2015.

Azusa Courtyard Bungalows

You already love Azusa, now is your chance to call it home! Introducing the newest collection by City Ventures, Courtyard Bungalows, offering both Flats and detached Cottage Style Homes.

Introducing the only new residential community in Downey! Inspired by Irving Gill architecture, this gated enclave consists of 46 three-story solar-powered townhomes offering three unique and open floor plans and convenient solutions for your family’s everyday...


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