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Morgan Hill

Finally, the new energy efficient home you have been wanting and waiting for in Morgan Hill! Visit Morgan Hill

Exciting New Happenings

California – The Future Of Electric Homes!

California Energy Commissioner David Hochschild invited me to speak at the California Energy Commission last week. I accepted the invitation after he reached out to me several months ago when he heard about our solar all-electric homes.

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As a California homebuilder, one of the questions I get asked all the time is “why can I buy a 3,000 sq ft single family home on 1/4 acre of land in Texas for the same amount it costs to buy a 1500 sq ft townhome, with NO land, in Los Angeles”....

Why Are You Waiting To Buy A Home?

I thought I’d blog this month on something I’ve heard a lot lately. When non-homeowners are asked when they’re going to buy a home and join the world of homeownership, the answer we hear right now is “we’re just going to wait”....

What Does It Really Mean To Afford A Mortgage?

So I left off last time talking about mortgages and the difference between gross income and net income...

What Caused the Last Housing Cycle?

Let’s start with how I defined the “mortgage”. A mortgage is nothing more than a promise. A promise to pay back a lender the money that was borrowed to buy a house......