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Learn more about the many benefits of buying a new City Ventures home and potential pitfalls of an older, resale home.

new resale

New means peace of mind

Your new City Ventures home is built with the latest technologies for a healthy, efficient and smart home. Plus, you’re covered not only by our builder warrantly and manufacturer warranties, our Customer Service team is just a phone call away. Now, that’s peace of mind.

No warranties, hidden problems

Old appliances, building techniques are not only unsightly, they can be unhealthy, inefficient and costly as they are not typically covered by any sort of warranty. Re-sale means running the risk of buying someone else’s problems as costy surprises could pop up any time.

Save big with energy efficiency

Our All-inclusive Green Key technologies come standard, there are no extra fees. Reduce your impact on the environment, become less dependent on energy companies, while living in comfort and style.

Wasted energy, costly to operate

Inefficient insulation, single pane windows and older appliances in older homes require siginificantly more electricity and energy than today’s homes. This means you’ll be spending more and consuming more energy than necessary.

Turn-key, low maintenance living

Enjoy community pools, private yards, decks, patios, areas for BBQs, entertainment and more. Your new home is move-in ready! Plus, reap all of the health benefits of a community gardens without the maintenance.

High maintenance, costly upgrades

Sure, some older homes offer larger yards. However, that usually means expensive landscaping and water bills or your weekend time for maintenance. Plus, be prepared to spend some dough if you want that pool, built-in BBQ or herb garden.

Designed for today’s lifestyle

Live in a home that is designed for your lifestyle. New architectural styles, open floor plans, innovative and efficient use of space, stylish new fixtures and brand new smart, energy-efficient appliances are just a few perks.

Choppy floor plans, weekend projects

Chopped up floor plans, dark spaces and outdated building techniques make older homes a challenge. Renovations carry risks of unexpected and complicated repairs. Significant expenditure of funds and time are to be expected.

Great investment, incredible locations

Your new City Ventures home is designed with the latest and greatest technologies, building techniques and energy efficency standards in the best locations. This formula makes a new home a smart investment now and for the future.

What’s the real value?

Out of style, out of date and other unforseen problems, make older homes questionable when considering the true value and equity. With re-sale, there is a risk of buying a problematic home with no real gains in sight.

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Chula Vista

Solar, All-Electric Townhomes

From the High $400,000s

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From the $600,000s

Call (949) 237-0964

El Monte

Townhomes and Live/Work

Solar All-Electric



Solar, All-Electric Townhomes

From the High $400s

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La Verne

Solar Powered New Homes

From the High $900,000s



Solar-Powered Townhomes

From the High $300s

Call (323) 530-0151

Morgan Hill

Collection Details

From the Mid $600's

Call (408) 763-5150

Morgan Hill

Collection Details

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Luxury Townhomes + Flats

From the High $1,000,000s

Call (626) 583-4730

Santa Ana

79 Solar-Powered Townhomes

Details to Follow

Call (714) 673-0738

Santa Cruz

Solar Powered New Homes

From the Low $1,000,000s



Solar-Powered Townhomes

From the Mid $400,000s

Call (619) 438-0115

South San Francisco, South City Place

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Now Selling

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West Covina

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