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Stop renting, start saving

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Why rent another day? Compare the difference for yourself and discover the many advantages of owning a beautiful new home.

Soaring rental increases

Unpredictable rent spikes will leave you with unforeseen expenses and less money at the end of the month.

Low monthly payments and low fixed interest loan

Unlike rent, a mortgage means low and stable monthly payments. Never fear increasing rental rates again!

Pesky landlords

Living in someone else’s property comes with rules and strings attached, especially if you have an unpleasant relationship with the landlord.

Your place, your rules

Live independently in a beautiful new home. No more unannounced visits, untimely repairs, etc. It’s time to upgrade to privacy and ownership of your own space.

Say goodbye to your money – every month

Paying rent every month is like throwing your hard earned money down the drain – it’s money you will never see again!

Pay yourself - gain equity each month

Enjoy tax savings and increasing your personal equity with this investment, one that is sure to pay off!

Limited energy efficiency opportunities

Without upgrading your home with the expensive, energy efficient technology and appliances, you are stuck paying high-energy bills and negatively impacting the environment.

All-inclusive energy-efficient homes — no cost to you

Live in the most energy-efficient new home on the market.
Our All-Inclusive Green Key technologies come standard, there are no extra fees! Reduce your impact on the environment, become less dependent on energy companies, while living in comfort and style.

Some don’t accept pets

How can anyone say no to man’s best friend?!

Pets are always welcome

Pets are part of your family - no exceptions!


Don’t believe us? Watch this 30 second video and see the difference for yourself.


Choose from the best locations and start saving. Call today and find out how low your monthly payment can be.

Alameda, Mulberry

Solar-Powered Townhomes

Now Selling!

Call (510) 679-2905

Chula Vista, Vista Mar

Solar, All-Electric Townhomes

From the High $400,000s

Call (619) 500-2473

El Monte, Solstice 70


Solar All-Electric

Call (949) 330-3774

La Verne, Emerald

Solar Powered New Homes

From the Mid $800,000s

Call (909) 392-6001

Montebello, Collection

Solar-Powered Townhomes

From the High $300s

Call (323) 530-0151

Morgan Hill, Depot Station

Collection Details

Coming Soon


Santa Cruz, Beachwood

Solar Powered New Homes

From the High $900,000's

Call (831) 854-7454