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What better way to learn about a builder than straight from its customers? Discover why they purchased their new dream home from City Ventures and why they’re loving it!

"Now that we are in an energy-efficient home, we can't imagine a home that doesn't have these options."

We were making the transition from apartment living to making our first home purchase and we wanted it to be a community, something that had personality, an area that had vibrancy. Our purchase of our City Ventures home was a great one. It was modern, perfect for our lifestyle and in what we were looking for as we started our family.

"This is our dream home. Definitely, I love it."

Looking through new homes and previously owned homes, some of the factors we were looking through were: did we want to go through renovation again? Did we want to put the money you know and the hard work to just get something to make it look more modern even though it was still an older built home?

Coming across City Ventures, it kind of had the floor plan we were looking for, the energy efficient windows, the insulation, solar panels, you know things that were important to us. We found City Ventures, we found something that fit our style. It had a great open floor plan, we wanted that downtown loft feel.

The overall savings just of buying a previously owned homes, the cost of all the renovation, the cost of customization, there’s just no way that we could have come out ahead like we have just buying a home at City Ventures and I think we did a fantastic job, this is our dream home. Definitely, I love it.

"My last electricity bill was $1.17! It's awesome not having worry about electricity [costs]."

On a scale of 1 to 10 of the importance of energy efficiency during my purchase, it was actually very low. I would say a 5. Now that I have been living in City Ventures community, I’ve learned that I have been saving a lot of money, especially during the summer when it gets really hot. My last electricity bill was $1.17. Initially I was a little bit skeptical because I was concerned about cooking with an electric stove, and being very passionate about cooking Filipino food, I had to adjust but it was a really quick adjustment.

I’ve been blasting the AC and I’ve been saving a lot of money during the summer. That’s especially important because I work only during the school year and, being on vacation, I was able to stay home and relax and not worry about a high electricity bill.

My floor plan was pretty simple and being a single guy I didn’t need much space, but I feel like I still have a lot of room to operate. I’m a musician so I have a lot of instruments that take up a lot of space and a lot of sound.

The sales people have been very helpful. This is my first time purchasing a home so they walked me through the steps.


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Montebello Collection

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Morgan Hill Depot Station

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Oakland Ice House

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Santa Ana Harborside

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